NASA Received This Strange Message from the Year 2057 (audio)

For the most part, the Deep Network is both a privilege and a burden. On one side, it is riddled with illicit activities, because nobody can really track someone there people are able to do anything they want and because Bitcoin is used in the Deep Network there is no way to really locate someone unless they wish to be tracked.

This seems horrible at first but at the same time, without someone restricting what we talk or do we will easily discover unedited, unaltered images and tweets that we might otherwise have seen on the internet.



This is why we are being approached from the future and informed that mankind will die prematurely. According to the initial flyer, the World will be devastated by a worldwide pandemic in the year 2057.

At this point, there are just a few hundred humans left, and these are fast running out of the water; thus, they cry out to us.



Rest assured, however, they didn’t discuss the latest pandemic in some manner shape, or type, although they did state that the virus that enters cells and kills them instantly is named VTR nevertheless.

The details were leaked by NASA but the government has not confirmed it as of yet.



Some may believe this to be a prank, but due to the political environment, it can be treated as a threat rather than a joke.


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