NASA Makes Their Entire Media Library Publicly Accessible And Copyright Free

Whether you are an expert astrophotographer or just a regular space nut, NASA has a surprise in store for you. For public use and with no copyright restrictions, they have made 140,000 audio samples, films, and photographs available for everyone to see and download.

The EXIF information for each photograph has been included by NASA in the comprehensive, searchable database. This is especially fascinating because it reveals the methods used to take these pictures, including whether they were taken with expensive equipment or relatively affordable DSLRs.

This brand-new image from NASA’s Great Observatories shows the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy’s glittering tip of its “wing.” The SMC is a tiny spiral galaxy that orbits our own Milky Way galaxy at a distance of roughly 200,000 light-years.

Every photographer can benefit greatly from this information’s openness because it shows that beautiful starscapes can be photographed everywhere, even in your own backyard.

There are, however, a number of behind-the-scenes material that document the work that is being done in addition to magnificent photographs of the Milky Way and planets. Photographs of astronauts and rocket launches are included, but there are also a lot of pictures that give us a close-up view of life at NASA.

With all of stuff at your disposal, searching the photographs on this website could take a while. Fortunately, you may choose the year, keywords, and media type of your search to obtain a more focused result.

Visit the NASA website if you want to get a peek of the wonders of space and download some of the pictures for yourself. Visit this page to view the complete terms for using the photographs.

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