Montana Man Captures Extremely Rare Footage Of Wolverine Hunting A Deer

That’s as rare as it gets…

With only about 250 in the continental United States, wolverines are up there as some of the most elusive animals in our woods. They are also one of the most ferocious animals out there, unafraid of anything.

Wolverines grow to be up to 4 feet in length and weigh up to 70 pounds. They have a stocky build and are covered in dense, dark brown fur that provides insulation in the cold northern climates. Their thick fur also helps them to float on snow, which is an important adaptation for their hunting.

Wolverines are known to be fierce predators and will hunt and scavenge nearly everything. They are good at scavenging from other predators and have been known to chase away bears, wolves, and even mountain lions to steal their kills. Wolverines are known for their intelligence and ability to solve complex problems, which makes them incredibly efficient hunters. They have a keen sense of smell and are able to locate food that is buried deep in the snow.

In Montana, wolverines are considered a species of conservation concern, and the first recorded sighting of one in Yellowstone National Park happened in the past couple years. Many park rangers who have worked in the woods their entire lives have never even seen one.

This video shows a wolverine in Montana swimming across a waterway as people watch from afar.

It is chasing a young deer that it is hoping to eat for a meal. The wolverine gets out of the water and takes off running up the shoreline giving the onlookers a perfect view of the amazing animal.

The wolverine runs along and almost seems to be thinking and coming up with a game plan as it does.

The deer fawn’s mother comes out of the water and is trying to protect its young, and the wolverine thinks again about squaring off with the deer, even though it wouldn’t have too difficult of a time.

That is truly a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.


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