Mom gives birth to a 7-pound baby in her car while began preparing to travel to the hospital

Jenny Maugeri is about to give birth to their fourth child, and Mike and Jenny are en route to the hospital. Miles Carson is eager. He made his entrance into the world in the family pickup truck on Interstate 64. On Thursday morning, a couple from Virginia Beach gave birth to their child alongside Interstate 64! Jenny Maugeri began preparing to travel to the hospital after having a contraction at around five in the morning.

Mike, her husband, was awakened, and they both waited for the babysitter. Even their other three kids’ lunches were prepared by Mike. Before driving the 45 minutes from their home in the Strawbridge neighborhood of Virginia Beach to DePaul Medical Center, Maugeris believes they will have plenty of time. They didn’t, it turns out. Jenny’s contractions grew significantly stronger as they began to travel. Within minutes of Mike pulling into a Toyota Sienna pickup truck on I-64 close to North Hampton Avenue, their child was born.

Mike was on the phone with an emergency dispatcher while the baby was born. He cut the laces with his shoelaces and wrapped the baby in an open back t-shirt. With surprises and no preparation in advance, but the baby could not wait to go to the hospital. And what is to come has come, the little angel has come to the outside world very special.

The 7-pound, 10-ounce baby was named Miles Carson after an exciting start to her life. Fortunately, despite not being prepared in advance, the two mothers were safe and healthy. Was skin-to-skin with her mother as soon as she was born in her family’s pickup truck.

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