MH370 Surrounded by UFOs: New Satellite Footage Sparks Intriguing and Controversial Theories About the Missing Flight's Fate - Media News 48

MH370 Surrounded by UFOs: New Satellite Footage Sparks Intriguing and Controversial Theories About the Missing Flight’s Fate

MH370 ‘surrounded by UFOs in satellite footage’ sparks bonkers theory about its fate

Instead of muddying the waters with fake UFO videos can the guys please try to debunk this very realistic video of an airliner being teleported/zapped by 3 UFOs? Multiple angles (drone and satellite)

‘Leaked spy satellite footage’ casts doubt on official MH370 explanation

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 is one of the greatest mysteries of our age.

The airliner, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew, vanished without a trace somewhere in the Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014. With long-brewing military tensions in the area, some suspected an accidental shoot-down incident.

Others blamed pilot error or even a deliberate act by one or more of the Boeing 777’s flight crew. But wherever questions are left unanswered, conspiracy theories are bound to creep in.

And leaked footage reportedly from a pair of US spy satellites, seeming to show the ill-fated airliner’s last moments has sparked a UFO frenzy. The video shows the plane surrounded by three mysterious “orbs” that, UFO researcher Ashton Forbes sensationally claims, were responsible for the aircraft being whisked to another dimension.

Ashton’s evidence for this out-there claim includes not only the “leaked” footage from the US spy satellites but thermal camera video which was apparently captured by a US MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone.

“Whoever is filming this knew that this event was about to happen,” he told podcaster Chris Lehto, “so in my mind that only leaves two possibilities; either this is some type of espionage scenario, or they’re trying to save this plane and they’re recording the event of how they’re saving the plane.”

Recording the footage, he adds, “was a huge mistake and a huge risk because look what happened – the footage got leaked to the world”.

Unsurprisingly, the questionable footage and theory has sparked a wave of criticism, with many trying to debunk it. But Ashton hit back, claiming the attempts were based on faked footage.

For example, a flash of light marking the airliner’s disappearance on the many copies of the video circulating on the internet was taken from the video game Killing Time. But, he claims, a “remastered version of this effect that was released in 2015 – which post-dates the time of our videos.”

He said that the faked version of the footage is being deliberately used to discredit his theories, adding that the mysterious “orbs” circling the plane seem to be the key to unravelling the mystery.

“They start recording after the orbs show up and as we’re watching this video it’s being manually tracked by the drone,” he continued. “They’re not using the automatic tracking – they zoom in as if they want to both show us what’s happening and get a better clear picture…

“They almost know what’s going to occur, they actually zoom out right before the zap happens and it’s almost framed perfectly which to me indicates they definitely knew what was going to happen.”

He also mentioned Katherine Tee, who was on a yacht close to the site of the airliner’s disappearance and has been suggested as a potential eyewitness to the airliner’s fate. Her observations, according to Ashton, match his claims.

“Katherine Tee was on a boat going from India to Phuket,” he said. “She saw the plane actually consistent with what we see in the videos. The plane was glowing orange and coming from the east. It circled counterclockwise around her boat. She witnessed this for between five and 10 minutes until she got in a fight with her husband on the boat and then went inside.

In her statement, Katherine said that the plane she saw was “glowing” – as if it might be on fire: “There were two other planes passing higher than it – moving the other way – at that time. They had normal nav lights.”

“I recall thinking that if it was a plane on fire that I was seeing, the other aircraft would report it. And then I wondered again why it had such bright orange lights. They put me in mind of sodium lights. Or perhaps it was a UFO. Or a meteorite.”

Discoveries of what appears to be wreckage from the aircraft suggest a more simple explanation to its disappearance. But until, or unless, the entire plane is discovered, theories such as Ashton’s will continue to spark fierce debate online.

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