Meet the Superb Fairywren: When breeding his head and upper back area are shown off in shining pale blue all topped off by a zorro-like mask.

Perfectly Placed Pieces Of Brilliant Dark Blue, Sky Blue, And Black Fit Together In A Delightful Iridescent Jigsaw Of Color!


The superb fairywren (Malurus cyaneus) is a passerine bird regarded as one of the most brightly colored members of their species during the breeding season. Male birds wear rich, pale blue, and black plumage on the head, mantle, and throat. The belly is white and the bill black.

Female birds tend to be fawn in color with a pale green gloss which younger birds don’t have.

The underbelly is a lighter color, with a grey-blue tail. The bill is brown.

These birds are common and familiar across many parts of south-eastern Australia.

Superb Fairywren can be seen in a wide variety of habitat types where suitable dense cover and low-growing shrubs occur. They are common in many urban parks and gardens.

Superb fairywrens are primarily insectivorous birds, dining on a wide range of small creatures (mostly insects such as ants, grasshoppers, shield bugs, flies, weevils, as well as various larvae). They also eat small quantities of seeds, flowers, and fruit. Insects are mostly caught mostly on the ground, but may also be taken from low bushes.

During the breeding season from spring through to late summer a dome-shaped nest is built from grasses and other fine materials such as spider webs. It is usually placed in a low bush and is constructed by the female. She then lays up to four eggs within incubates the eggs alone. However, both sexes feed the young. Other members of the group will also help feed the young.

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