Little Fox Had a Horrible Case of Mange But Rescuers Refused to Turn Him Away

Nicholas was rescued with advanced mange which was causing him a lot of pain…

Many people consider foxes to be pests; destructive animals who should be “controlled” so they do not interfere with what is ours. Foxes are often cruelly targeted by people who view them as a threat to their property and, when in need, they are often denied help.

Fortunately, many people are working to change this harmful reality. The Fox Project, a British charity dedicated to helping the red fox, has been rescuing and treating foxes since 1991. Recently, the organization has rescued Nicholas – a red fox found suffering from a bad case of mange.

Once under the care of The Fox Project, he started to receive the much-needed care – extensive treatment and a lot of oil massages to alleviate his skin condition.

Sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious skin condition, which makes it especially important to report cases of foxes with signs of the illness so that it will not spread to other wild animals and pets.

Thanks to the work of his carers, Nicholas started to feel better very quickly.

Soon, his eyes were once again bright, and he started looking more like a fox is supposed to – all because of the specialized care, treatment, and some delicious food.

Although he still has some bald patches, Nicholas was finally ready to be released. He already had lots and lots of new fur growing in and the process will now be stimulated further by him being out in the air. The sweet fox was more than eager to get back to his home.

The Fox Project admits and treats around 800 foxes every year, including some 250 cubs. As the charity emphasizes, the team always strives to return foxes to their home as soon as possible to minimize any possibility of the territory being taken over. Because of the team, Nicholas now has his own territory back.Source





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