Life-Altering Bond: Veteran's Heartwarming Encounter with Three-Legged German Shepherd Mirrors His Own Struggle, Inspiring Millions Worldwide - Media News 48

Life-Altering Bond: Veteran’s Heartwarming Encounter with Three-Legged German Shepherd Mirrors His Own Struggle, Inspiring Millions Worldwide

Veteran who had his leg amputated reveals how adopting a three-legged German Shepherd with the same injury ‘changed his life’ – as video of their touching first meeting goes viral

Dane Orozco, 42, from Los Angeles, California, lost his leg to an infection in 2016, revealing that the amputation left him battling severe anxiety and depression.

However, he sought comfort in his love of dogs – and began paying regular visits to his local animal shelter to spend time with the orphaned pups.

It was there that he met Kane, a sweet German Shepherd who had to undergo his own amputation after being hit by a car. Dane ‘instantly fell in love’ with the pup – explaining that he knew then and there that he was destined to take the dog home with him.

Meant to be! Touching video of the moment an amputee veteran adopted a three-legged German Shepherd has gone viral on TikTok, leaving dozens of viewers in tears

Bond: Dane Orozco, 42, from Los Angeles, lost his leg to an infection in 2016 – while his beloved new dog Kane had to have his right front leg amputated after being hit by a car

Now, video of the moment that Dane and Kane went home to start their lives together has gone viral on TikTok, with thousands of people calling for their story to be turned into a movie – while others admit to being left in tears by their sweet bond.

Getting ready: The viral TikTok video details Kane’s story, documenting his excitement as he prepared to meet his new owner for the first time

Surprise! Footage filmed by the animal shelter built up to the big reveal of Kane’s adopter

Close: Dane says that adopting Kane has ‘changed his life’ and helped him to deal with the depression and anxiety that was caused by his injury

‘When I saw Kane I immediately said to myself that I was going to take him home. I instantly fell in love with him. We both have our right legs amputated.’

In the video of their meeting, captions reveal how Kane lost his leg after it was severely fractured when he was hit by a car. The pup is seen lying on the floor, being gently stroked by a member of staff.

New beginnings: The viral video ends with Dane and Kane walking off into the distance to start their new lives together

Companion: Dane says that he and Kane are now attached at the hip – with the sweet pup even accompanying his owner to work

Viral: Dozens of TikTok users left sweet comments on the post, praising the heartwarming ‘bond’ between Dane and Kane

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