Isolated and Desolate: Britain's 'Loneliest Sheep' Stranded on Rocky Beach for Two Years, Finally Finds Solace in Scottish Farm Park - Media News 48

Isolated and Desolate: Britain’s ‘Loneliest Sheep’ Stranded on Rocky Beach for Two Years, Finally Finds Solace in Scottish Farm Park

Britain’s ‘loneliest sheep’ has finally been rescued by a team of volunteers after being left stranded on a rocky beach for two years.

The ewe, which has been named Fiona, is now ‘safe and well’ and has been taken to a Scottish farm park.

Two of the rescuers Cammy Wilson (L) and Als Couzens are pictured with Fiona, the sheep which has been saved

Britain’s ‘loneliest sheep’ has been finally rescued after being stuck on a rock off the north east coast of Scotland for two years

The ewe, named ‘Fiona’, was rescued by a team of volunteers using heavy equipment in an ‘epic’ mission

Posting on Facebook, The Sheep Game said: ‘We’ve named her Fiona and she’s now safe and well and heading to a well known Scottish Farm park.’

It added: ‘The rescue was epic!’

Fiona, who spent the last two years stuck off the north east coast of Scotland, has been looked over by health inspectors, the Sun reported.

Thanks to the help of Cammy Wilson (R) and his team, Fiona is now in the care of Dalscone Farm in Dumfries

How Fiona came to be on the beach is a mystery, as local farmers do not own any sheep of the same breed.

One farmer was able to provide vital drone footage of the cliffs to allow the men to plot their rescue.

Fiona was first discovered in 2021 by kayaker Jillian Turner, who returned to the spot near Balinore this year to find the animal still there, with her fleece overgrown

Fiona was last night being transported to her new home some 270 miles south at Dalscone Farm animal park in Dumfries.

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