Hyenas failed miserably and humiliated in the battle for prey! .Qu - Media News 48

Hyenas failed miserably and humiliated in the battle for prey! .Qu

Unlike snakes, pythons are super large reptiles. Although they do not have venom like snakes, they have tremendous strength. This animal is present in most parts of Africa. However, in South Africa this python species has the largest weight and size.

Sự khó chịu của linh cẩu trong cuộc chiến giành con mồi

African rock pythons live in grasslands, areas near water banks (rivers, streams, swamps…) or near forests. This is an extremely aggressive python, ready to attack anything that moves before its eyes. An animal several times larger than them cannot escape completely when entangled by them.

Vì sao linh cẩu được coi là loài động vật máu lạnh và tàn nhẫn? - KhoaHoc.tv

This giant rock python is concentrated in the southern Sahara desert, from Senegal to Ethiopia and Somalia.

African rock pythons are considered predatory and very ferocious. They often attack humans. Every year there are thousands of reports of rock pythons attacking people. That’s why, in some tribes in Angola, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique… residents call them “cannibal pythons”.

Linh cẩu cướp mồi của trăn

Living in an environment where only the strong can survive, rock pythons, like many other animals, not only have to learn how to hunt but also learn how to protect their achievements against many dangerous, predatory enemies like lions, hyenas, leopards…

Mike Sutherland, owner of eѕсарe Safari Co, during a trip to Mombo саmр, Botswana, saw with his own eyes the fight for prey between rock pythons and leopards.

That morning, Sutherland’s group encountered countless herbivores such as antelope, wildebeest and wild boar. Because they were so excited, the group decided to spend more time wandering around. Suddenly, a member of the group saw from afar a hyena stalking a herd of grazing impala antelopes.

However, hyenas are not the only predators that appear in that area. From the willow tree, a rock python slithered down and quietly hid in the thick layer of leaves on the ground. It didn’t take long for the little impala to fall into the rock python’s trap. The antelope’s high-pitched cry attracted the attention of all the creatures present around. While the rock python was curled tightly around the antelope’s body, the hyena began to act.

It rushed forward and grabbed the rock python, trying every way to separate the python from the antelope. However, the rock python proved extremely steadfast. This caused the hyena to decide to drag both the python and the antelope around. Finally, due to the persistent clinging of the hyena, the python had to let go and give up its prey.


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