Hilarious moment! A leopard never changes its pots, Silly feline gets its head stuck in a jug for five hours in Indian village - Media News 48

Hilarious moment! A leopard never changes its pots, Silly feline gets its head stuck in a jug for five hours in Indian village

This is the amazing scene after a leopard gets its head stuck in a metal pot while searching for water.

The animal was hunting for food near the Indian village of Sardul Kheda in the Rajasthan district of Rajsamand earlier today.

This is the image of a leopard stuck in a pot in the Indian village of Sardul Kheda in Rajasthan earlier today

Locals stood around filming the unfortunate animal as it struggled inside the pot for five hours

The animal’s ordeal lasted for approximately five hours before it was eventually freed.

‘On receiving information by locals, our team reached the place and shifted him to an enclosure where it was tranquilised and his head was freed. After the leopard is fully recovered, he will be set free in a dense forest area.’

Mr Chandrawal said the animal had probably strayed from a sanctuary area some 20km from the village.

The leopard stuck his head in the pot in the search of some water but was unable to remove it afterwards

A wildlife expert shot the leopard with a tranquiliser dart so they could remove the aluminum pot

The animal will be given time to recover before it is released into a heavily wooded area away from people

It is believed that the animal may have escaped from a nearby wildlife reserve hunting for food and water

Local forestry experts said the animal survived its ordeal completely unharmed

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