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Heartwarming Reunion: Baby Otter Rescued and Reunited With Brother After Getting Trapped in Delivery Van

Adorable baby otter rescued after getting stuck in Tesco delivery van engine

A baby otter has been reunited with her brother after getting stuck inside a food delivery van.

The poor pup was seen being attacked by birds outside the Tesco Extra store in Copdock, Suffolk.

Seeking refuge from the pesky flock, the young female crawled under the bonnet of the Mercedes Benz vehicle.

The Tesco delivery driver discovered the otter trapped in the engine after hearing some unusual noises.

It took an RSPCA inspector around an hour to lure her out using food on a stick and a grabber to pull her to safety.

‘When I got the call I must admit I expected to find a ferret or a rat stuck in the engine,’ Caroline Richardson said.

‘But when I reached in to get a better look there was the cutest little face staring back at me.

One of the otters was discovered trapped inside the engine of a delivery van (Picture: RSPCA/SWNS)

The poor pup had been hiding from a flock of birds(Credits: RSPCA / SWNS)

They are both aged around four months old (Picture: PA)

‘The otter was not coming out on her own accord and the staff had been trying to lure her out with some food on a stick.

‘As this seemed to work, I carried on with the approach and then – when the moment was right – I was able to use my rescue equipment to grab her and pull her out.

‘Despite her ordeal she was not injured – and she was quite curious – and it soon became apparent she was just a baby.’

Miraculously, a male otter pup had also been rescued the day before, around half a mile away, after wandering into a tool and plant hire shop.

Staff managed to confine him in a box before the RSPCA collected him.

It is thought the two are siblings as they are both aged around four months old.

They are now being looked after at South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

Caroline added: ‘Sadly, though this pair are too young to be out of their den – we think unfortunately something must have happened to their mum or the den was disturbed.

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