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Heartwarming Rescue: Stray Mama Dog and Her Pups Find Forever Home, Anxious Pittie Won’t Rest Until All Are Safe

For anyone who has ever rescued a stray dog, you know it’s not always easy. Some stray dogs just don’t feel comfortable coming towards you. While you’re just there to help, you can totally understand their hesitation.

Stray dogs often face cruelty and violence from other humans who might leave them scared and wary of trusting people. It’s not easy being a stray dog – especially being a stray dog who has puppies.

Lexus was a stray dog who gave the Hope for Paws rescue a slightly tough time catching her.

Understandably, this stray mama was scared and nervous, and she had a good reason to be too. She had a litter of puppies hidden nearby.

So, when the good people of Hope For Paws arrived on the scene, she was initially nervous and worried about letting these strangers get close to her. The skittish dog, who visibly had just given birth, led the rescuers on a little bit of a wild goose chase as they tried to catch her.

Luckily, they were eventually able to get Lexus on a leash, eventually convincing the shy dog that they were only there to help.

The rescuers also were able to locate Lexus’ puppies, reuniting the little family and giving the worried mama a little peace of mind.

The mother and her puppies got transported to a local vet clinic for medical evaluation, where they were all given the thumbs up. Things were definitely getting better for this little canine family!

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