Heartrending Scene Unfolds as Stray Dog Curls Up on a Blanket, Collapsing on the Woman's Porch in Desperation - Media News 48

Heartrending Scene Unfolds as Stray Dog Curls Up on a Blanket, Collapsing on the Woman’s Porch in Desperation

A stray dog had given up after being chased by people throwing rocks at him. The dog wasn’t welcome in the Los Angeles neighborhood.

But one woman decided to try and help him. She contacted Lisa Arturo with Big Love Animal Rescue and she and Lisa Chiarelli immediately set out to find him.

After hours and hours of searching with no luck they asked if the Good Samaritan could leave a little blanket on her front porch. The next day, he showed up and was curled inside the blanket.

Says Arturo, “I look and he was in a little ball on the blanket.” He was too sick to keep running and let his rescuers take him away. He was so full of scabs and wrinkles they didn’t know how old he was.

His blood work was terrible and he was skinny. But a better future soon arrived when Amy O’Donnell adopted him. He gets along famously with her other dogs and Amy says of him, “We got so lucky.”

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