Heartbreaking moment when a mother dog tries to save her caged puppies

Mother dog won’t leave her newborn puppies which are being sold on the streets of China. This is the heart-breaking moment a mother dog came to guard her caged puppies which were being sold on the streets.

The sad-looking dog comes to see her newborn puppies, barely a month old, at a night market in China every day. When two of her puppies got sold, she even chased after the buyer for some distance, unwilling to let her puppies go.

The photographer told MailOnline that he was on his way to take pictures for another assignment when he saw a crowd of people gathering around the mother dog. The dog, aged three, is called Le Le.

The stall owner claimed that Le Le had given birth to four puppies about a month before, and two of them had been sold, said the photographer, who wished to stay anonymous for privacy reasons. The two puppies were put into a small cage as the vendor waited for potential buyers.

The photographer added that whenever people showed interests and pointed at Le Le’s puppies, the mother dog would turn her head around and looked at the potential buyers, seemingly protecting her puppies. The photographer was also informed that Le Le belonged to the stall owner.

She had given birth three times, and every time when her puppies turned one month old, they would be put up for sale on the streets.

The puppies were sold for 180 yuan (£20) each. After the photographer published his pictures on QQ.com, people have left comments to criticise the stall owner.

One user said: ‘I’m not an animal activist, but I know why Le Le looked so sad. Why couldn’t [the owner] leave one puppy for Le Le?’ Another use said: ‘She had to endure the pain of losing her children time after time. The owner is too cruel.’

A third user said: ‘To you, it’s just a puppy; but to Le Le, it’s her child.’ One other user hoped that the puppies would be bought by someone who ‘truly likes dogs’ so that they could have a real home.



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