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Heartbreaking Moment: Man Caught on Camera Abandoning His Pregnant Dog by Tying Her to a Pole

Seeing a dog saying goodbye to its family is always a heartbreak. Yet, seeing one being cruelly abandoned by his loved ones without even knowing what’s going on is beyond words.

The moment of realization that they are being left at the mercy of the unknown triggers a lifelong trauma that these four-legged creatures have to cope with. And, sadly, many of them never get a second chance for a decent life.

The man from the neighborhood who saw the footage on his security camera from the night before couldn’t believe his eyes.

A heartless owner pretended to take his Pittie dog for a walk, when the two stopped in front of a bar. Then, the moment of pure cruelty happened!

The man leashed the dog to a nearby pole with the clear intention of leaving it there.

The dog, still not knowing what was going on, wagged her tail, and was completely relaxed. Never could she imagine that her owner would abandon her there. But, then, only seconds away, he walked away.

The Pittie stood there for a while, looking in the direction of her owner and hoping that he would eventually come back for her.

Sadly, that never happened, and the dog lied on the ground truly heartbroken.

But, unlike her owner, luck never turned its back on this Pittie!

It wasn’t obvious the night before, but this female Pittie actually carried a litter and was only days away from giving birth.

Nathy was shocked to realize that the dog was left on her own in such a state. Only a few minutes later, she loaded the dog into her car and brought her home.

The dog, later named Laura, required immediate care and a cozy place to be. With her big belly, she looked like she was about to deliver her babies any minute.

Only a couple of days later, Laura made her caregiver’s day with the sweetest surprise ever!

An amazing family offered to give their home to this incredible Pittie mom. After all she had been through, Nathy was beyond happy to be able to send Laura to a good home.

It was a bittersweet moment to say one last goodbye to this Pittie, but Nathy knew it was for the best.

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