Heartbreaking! A Sea Turtle Was Trapped In A Fish Net Completely But Was Later Rescued & Released Into The Sea

What humans have done to the wildlife is most readily visible on sea shores and beaches. All the plastic that is thrown in the ocean or the fishing nets left behind, float ashore but not without harming the sea life.

Seals with frisbee wrapped around their necks or fish trapped in plastic bags have become a common sight now. If this does not sensitise you towards the need to do away with plastic and saving our oceans, what will?

In another such incident a sea turtle got entangled in a huge mass fishing net in Malaysia. And as one would assume, it could barely move. Thankfully it was spotted by a jogger (people who do rounds of beaches in shores on the lookout for animals in trouble) who wanted to help the turtle.

However, as can be seen in the now viral video, the fish nets were so huge and entangled that the jogger could barely reach the turtle.

He called the local emergency service who came to the spot with tools like knives and scissors to free the poor sea creature. Even with the tools it took the people time to cut through it as the nets were so thick and they also had to make sure that the turtle was not hurt. It took them a while but the managed to cut off most of the ropes.

When they finally managed to free the turtle, they released it back into the sea, where it belonged.

However, not all animals are lucky enough to get out of tangles like these unscratched. A lot of sea life has been lost owing to humans littering the ocean.


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