He Manages To Capture Extremely Rare Photos Of A Bird Never Seen In This Part Of The United States!

Recently in Cape Cod, a scientist managed to capture rare photos of a bird never seen in the area before!

“I was shocked to have stumbled upon a Vermilion Flycatcher (Pyrocephalus obscurus) in Brewster on Friday because the closest population of this particular bird is believed to be in Arizona or Texas,” said Mark Faherty.

Mark thinks the bird may have originated from Venezuela.“This species had only been recorded three times in Massachusetts, with those records spread out between 1954 and 2017.”

Unsurprisingly this bird’s presence has attracted many bird lovers to Cape Cod in the hopes of catching sight of the rare visitor.


“Since I found it on Friday, I suspect a few hundred folks from multiple states have been to Brewster to see it, some multiple times, likely causing a one-bird spike in the shoulder season economy,” Mark said in his piece.

Faherty described the bird in his photos as a “truly stunning” male with the “red plumage of an adult, though more orangey and less intense.”

The bird will likely stick around for a while, but Faherty recommended that enthusiasts seek it out sooner rather than later.

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