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Grizzly Bear Makes An Incredible Chases Caribou Across Land & Water Before Taking It Down

This video is the equivalent of a new’s station breaking to a police chase on television. Even the angle that the video is shot from is as if it were from a news chopper flying above the highway.

You won’t have to watch the entire 14 minute video to get the gist of the chase down. The actual “high speed chase” takes place in the first 5 minutes or so, and the remainder of the footage is… well the remainder of the caribou.

The video opens up with the grizzly “hauling ass” across a vast field. The cameraman pans way over to the right, revealing a caribou that appears to have an incredible head start on the bear. However, prepare the “Warriors blew a 3-1 lead against the Cavaliers” memes, because that large advantage doesn’t mean anything.

The grizzly continues to track the caribou until it spots in moving through the water. The stamina of the large bear is quite impressive, as it never breaks stride or slows down in its pursuit of the prey.

The caribou crosses over to the opposite side of the stream as the bear begins to quickly tread across the water. It appears that the caribou thought it might have a better chance in the water, so just as the bear is about to reach the other side, the caribou reenters the water attempting to return to the side it came from.

The bear swims across to the other side, gets a running start on the land, then dives into the water and completes the “hot pursuit” of the caribou:

It’s unbelievable the amount of distance the bear covered to obtain its meal. The grizzly was a bicycle short of competing in a full-blown triathlon.

Now you hopefully understand why they always say you should never try to outrun a bear. Who knew that bears had the pacing and stamina of olympic athletes?

Nature is beautiful if you ask the bear, and scary if you ask the caribou.


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