Gripping Scene: Baby Wildebeest's Near-Death Experience Averted by Family's Devotion and Loyalty in Heart-Rending Moment of Survival - Media News 48

Gripping Scene: Baby Wildebeest’s Near-Death Experience Averted by Family’s Devotion and Loyalty in Heart-Rending Moment of Survival

THIS is the heart-rending moment a baby wildebeest nearly lost it’s life had it not been for the devotion and loyalty of its family.

The family of wildebeest rallied around the youngest to save it from the mud

It took his whole wildebeest herd to rescue the youngster after it got stuck in a muddy swamp and almost lost it’s life.

He said: “It was a great moment to capture on film.

The calf was so small it soon got stuck in the mud, it was gut-wrenching to witness at first

The huge animals try to delicately help the youngster out of the deadly mud

The moment that after twenty desperate minutes the calf is freed

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