Google Earth Unveils Mysterious UFO: Potential Alien Technology Discovery Sparks Global Frenzy and Unprecedented Speculation [VIDEO] - Media News 48

Google Earth Unveils Mysterious UFO: Potential Alien Technology Discovery Sparks Global Frenzy and Unprecedented Speculation [VIDEO]

An analysis conducted on Google Earth by conspiracy theory channel ‘Secureteam10’ has located an alien shaped UFO above a Florida aerospace company. The video uploaded by the channel claims that there is no such flying object which has been publicly declared.

The eerie video features two arrow-shaped aircrafts parked on the floor in separate areas in West Palm Beach, Florida. According to the narrator of the video, these weird-structured spacecraft is parked outside an aerospace company named ‘Pratt & Whitney’, which develops aircrafts for military and civilian projects. The video suggests that the aerospace company might be involved in a secret project with the United States Air Force.

“It does not look like a public aircraft that has ever been disclosed. It resembles a hypersonic craft or spacecraft of some type. Is it a UFO? Are these objects a secret prototype?”, asks the conspiracy theory channel.

“This is alien tech in the US military’s hands. This spacecraft, located at a top-secret airport, was found on Google Earth and shows a diamond stealth craft built for high-speed flight,” wrote Waring, reports Express UK.

“It looks like a powerboat. I live next to the ocean, seen this shape before and it is next to swamp land and water,” commented a YouTube user named Jamie Lynn.

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