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Giant Malamute Can’t Contain His Joy When Reunited With His Bestie

Phil the malamute didn’t know he was going to be reunited with his bestie and once he realizes it, has the most adorable reaction, ever.

Unsuspecting Phil walks into the house, seemingly business as usual. Of course, he’s happy to be home but something very special is about to happen. But Phil has no idea that the surprise of his life is hiding in his own living room.

“Who’s here, who’s here, find them, Phil…where is she?”

Phil’s favorite person in the whole world is hiding behind the cushions of the hide-a-bed. Phil wanders into the room while his mom tells him to look around. Then he hears a familiar voice. But where is it coming from?

Phil searches around and finally climbs up on the side of the bed. He can hear the voice but still can’t see it. Come on Phil, you’re so close, you’ll want to tell him. But he’s getting more excited and closer to finding the source.

Finally, Phil finds his best friend, Harley. Harley lived with Phil during her time at college and she and Phil shared a special bond. She’s clearly Phil’s favorite person and he’s her favorite dog. Phil is so stoked he doesn’t know what to do with all the happiness spilling out of him.

What better way to release some joy other than sing a song? So, after climbing up on the bed, he sits and lets out all his emotions. He sings, cries, wags his tail, barks, and kisses his bestie right on the face.

The two obviously missed each other a lot. They have a lot of time to make up for. Phil is such a sweet boy and so happy to be loved on by his friend that he can’t stop making happy little noises at her.

She’s also happy to be reunited with her favorite boy and showers Phil with love. But Phil and Harley are not the only ones who want in the love fest. Soon the rest of the pack joins, and it is wags all around.

But Phil is still the happiest boy in the room. We hope you enjoyed his sweet video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.



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