Funny but stinky: In addition to аttасkіпɡ the lions, the giant hippo marks its small lake territory by spraying urine and poop to warn the lion pride not to come any closer. - Media News 48

Funny but stinky: In addition to аttасkіпɡ the lions, the giant hippo marks its small lake territory by spraying urine and poop to warn the lion pride not to come any closer.

The Rongai pride, renowned for their mischief and bravado, stumbled upon an unexpected sight during their routine stroll through the savanna: a lone hippo lounging in a pool, seemingly lost in contemplation. Sensing an opportunity for amusement, the pride exchanged knowing glances before launching into their mischievous plan.

With synchronized stealth, they crept closer to the water’s edge, their tails flicking with excitement. One particularly daring lioness, let’s call her Luna, couldn’t resist the temptation and initiated the first move. With a playful pounce, she splashed water at the hippo, hoping to elicit a reaction.

To their surprise, the hippo’s response was anything but amused. With a snort of indignation, the colossal herbivore lurched to its feet, its massive bulk casting a shadow over the now-nervous pride. The air crackled with tension as the hippo, known for its notorious territorial nature, prepared to defend its watery domain.

The lions, initially buoyed by their playful antics, now found themselves facing an irate hippo barreling towards them with all the grace of a charging freight train. Panic set in among the pride as they scattered in all directions, their earlier bravado evaporating like morning mist.

But the hippo wasn’t done yet. With a mighty roar that echoed across the savanna, it unleashed a barrage of bodily fluids, marking its territory with an exuberance that left the lions gagging and spluttering. The pride, thoroughly chastened by the unexpected turn of events, slunk away with their tails between their legs, vowing never to underestimate the power of a hippo with a grudge.

And so, the tale of the Rongai pride’s ill-fated encounter with a hippo became a cautionary legend, passed down through generations as a reminder that even the most playful of jests can have unintended consequences in the wilds of Africa.

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