Fully Verified: Defenture Releases Details on Its Groundforce (GRF) Lightweight Tactical Vehicle

The DEFENTURE’s Groundforce (GRF) system has already been introduced in and is fully verified by the Dutch Army and forms the basis for the planned LuLa vehicle family.


The GRF is a truly MOTS (military of the shelf platform) with a weight of five tons and a payload of two tons, the platform is certified air-transportable (CH-47F Chinook). The platform gives full configuration freedom and offers integrated and modular ballistic protection. Defenture, an experienced company that designs, develops, assembles and maintains battlefield-proven tactical vehicles. The product portfolio offers all configurations required for light tactical requirements up to 10 tons.

The GRF with its ultra-strong central spine chassis allows us to create military mobility at the highest level in GRF vehicle. This allows for example for excellent fording ability, crossing creeks without hesitation. Deep fording 750 MM depth, optional up to 860 mm. The independent equal suspension on all 4 positions make the GRF the best in its class when it comes to off roading. The optional 4-wheel steering enables extreme manoeuvrability, small turning circles ( 9 M with 4-wheel steering)and speedy action in tight spaces. No three point turns, but smooth U-turns make your team faster than ever.


The weight and dimensions of the GRF are designed to fit in a Chinook helicopter (Dimensions 1800 (W) x 5100 (L) x 1870 (H) MM). Special lifting brackets make the GRF also air transportable in undersling, hanging from a helicopter. Coming from rally sport knowhow the company know what it takes to develop and build for extreme conditions with the need for speed and durability. Deployable from -32°C up to + 49°C according to AECTP 200 (optional: from -40°C up to +49°C). The battlefield proven GRF-platform is interchangeable and highly modular configurable, modular ballistic protection (STANAG level 1).


Defenture BV is a Dutch military mobility solutions company, developing and producing light tactical vehicles for Special Operations Forces and Light Infantry. The innovation driven company is made up of a wide range of professionals, with a background in, and knowledge of the automotive and defence industries. Defenture as solution provider focuses on high mobile and safe design, assembly processes with local partners and full lifecycle support. It creates product solutions, in close cooperation with the best strategic partners, working interactively with military clients.



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