First Photo of a Black Hole Was Made! This Marks The Beginning of a New Era!

The first photograph of a Black Hole in real life was made. Scientists from around the globe have created a network of telescopes that allows them to take true photographs of Black Hole. For example, the Black Hole is three times larger than our planet and can be found 50 million light years away in the Messier87 galaxy.

This remarkable feat was made possible by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). This is a significant achievement because it marks the first time that scientists have taken a photograph of something previously thought impossible. Black holes absorb their own light making them almost impossible for humans to detect.

According to reports, this Black Hole has a mass that is “6.5 billion times greater than the Sun”. It is much larger than Neptune’s orbit which takes 200 years around the Sun. What do YOU think about this?

The EHT’s image of the EHT is likely to become one the most iconic photos ever taken. This could usher in an era of space travel.

We should not forget that the first mission to study and image a black hole was launched in 2015. In 2017, a network ten-day-long study of black holes began with a network involving massive telescopes. In 2018, another telescope took nearly twice as many data from 2017 than the 2017 one.


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