Everything Will Work Out Fine, Sweetheart. Four-Month-Old Winston, Tortured and Abandoned, Becomes a Disposable Tool for a Hunter's Ruthless Pursuit - Media News 48

Everything Will Work Out Fine, Sweetheart. Four-Month-Old Winston, Tortured and Abandoned, Becomes a Disposable Tool for a Hunter’s Ruthless Pursuit

Baby Winston is a podenco, a hunting dog… We don’t know how his jaw was cracked on both sides, but it was enough for the hunter to want him gone. He has his entire life ahead of him! Winston need immediate jaw surgery.

Four months old and already tortured and left for dead… Winston is nothing more than a tool for a hunter, a broken tool to be discarded, cast aside. One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. Winston will thrive following his surgery… he has our support.

Winston, finally is in surgery… He has necrotic tissue in his mouth, which might cause post-op complications, but he cannot wait. So keep your fingers crossed and your candles lighted… This surgery is challenging and long.

Winston is doing great! Following such a long and intricate surgery, comprehensive examinations are performed to ensure that everything is progressing as it should. There is no infection, and he is joyfully roaming the hospital… He was sedated today for a thorough examination, which verified that everything is OK. Winston, come on, you’ve got this!

This puppy is taking everything in his stride and has certainly adapted to living in the clinic (for the time being) for his post-op care. Winston is doing fantastic! Hopefully, he’ll be able to join us at the Great House soon!

After all, Winston has left the hospital and arrived at his new home in the Big House. For the first time, he is free to run and explore like any other dog. It’s wonderful to watch his excitement as he finds and likes his new surroundings.

We hope this is only the beginning of his many experiences! Thank you so much for making this happen.

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