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Epic Showdown: Komodo Dragon Triumphs Over Python in Astonishing Battle, Freeing Itself from Deadly Coils

When your back is against the wall and the death is imminent, survival instincts kick in.

That’s exactly what happened with this Komodo dragon, who somehow found itself in a life threatening situation going up against a python. The video picks up pretty far along in the fight with the python already coiled up around the lizard’s back, but it still manages to capture the best part of the battle.

Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t ever mess with a Komodo dragon, if you had ever considered doing so before. Take a look at the shocking fight to the death in the video below:

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However, the Komodo dragon wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and actually still felt pretty good about defeating the powerful python. Though it took a couple of strikes here and there from the snake, it stayed as calm as it could and landed a couple of defensive shots on the snake.

One of the last time it went in to strike the lizard, the Komodo dragon grabbed the snake’s neck (do snakes have necks?) with its jaws and snapped down with tremendous force. Almost immediately, life begins to drain from the python, and the tight coil that it had around the giant lizard’s back begins to weaken.

Komodo dragons are the largest lizard species on the planet, and have proven to be very impressive fighters. Some of the largest of the Komodo dragons can grow to be almost 10 feet long, and can weigh upwards of 150 pounds. They are considered to be apex predators, which explains why this one in the clip below was able to turn things around on the python.

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