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Enigma in the Depths: Mysterious Skeleton Discovered in Untouched Cave, Dubbed the ‘Center of the Earth

A mysterious skeleton has been found deep in an untouched cave dubbed the ‘centre of the earth’.

The unusual remains, which could be a dinosaur, were found deep in Cueva del Tigre aka Tiger Cave.

It is located near Tlanchinol, north of Mexico City, Mexico.

The remains were found by content creator Efrén Abrego and a team of rappellers accompanying him.

He said: “Some bits from my visits to the Centre of the Earth – the caves in Tlanchinol.”

The site is difficult to reach and much of the cave remains untouched by humans.

As such, Abrego came across an unusual skeleton while exploring parts of the cave.

The fossilised remains were found intact and it is believed that experts should be able to determine what animal it was.

Many of Abrego’s followers said the skeleton was from a small dinosaur that lived millions of years ago.

However, some suggested the bones could be from an animal such as an opossum.

Lourdes joked: “It’s an Opossosaurio Rex!”

Pepe commented: “Another case for Indiana Jones!”

Lara said: “That cave is deep!”

Antonio wrote: “This is so cool! Hopefully they will protect the area before more people go in and damage the interior.”

Torres remarked: “Conserving the cave is important because there are many people who are dedicated to extracting what little there is on this planet.”

Scientists will carry out carbon dating tests on the skeleton to determine its species and when it lived.

The authorities advise residents to not visit the cave as it is located in a dense forest area and needs specialised equipment to abseil into.

Also, some areas are not deemed safe from rockfalls while others remain unexplored.

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