Elon Musk:’We need to leave Earth AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for serious reasons’

On all the planets of our home galaxy, mankind has accidentally found itself on a planet perfectly suited to life. But the planet is not without danger.

According to blogger Tim Urban’s article “How (and why) SpaceX is colonizing Mars,” he is very concerned. Maybe when the next giant asteroid comes our way, we’ll be geared up to protect planets or redirect space rocks. Anything more devastating, such as an explosion, could vaporize us all.

Musk says he certainly can’t afford to just wait and find out. In his article, Urban puts another way of thinking about it. Think of the Earth as a hard drive. Each seed is a Word document saved on its hard drive. The hard drive has already crashed at least 5 times, each time resulting in the loss of tons of documents (vanishing seeds).

Thus, we can envision the human race as a highly valuable document created on its hard drive. What’s most obvious, if the last crash happened five weeks before him, they copy the documents to his second hard drive. ”

That’s exactly why Musk is obsessed with Mars. Mars could be humanity’s backup his drive.

Musk doesn’t just want to send a few colonists to Mars. He wants to send his million to Mars. If you want industry or anything akin to what is being built here on Earth, with generous genetic diversity, you don’t need a lot of manpower to make things work perfectly. It’s the only way for us to survive as a species, Musk apparently told Urban.

Musk plans to unveil a spacecraft that will carry up to 100 people to Mars at a time later this year through his own rocket company, SpaceX.

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