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DSWT Skyvet’s Heroic Mission: Rescuing an Elephant in Distress

In a remarkable display of bravery and compassion, the DSWT SKYVET initiative recently rescued a distressed elephant trapped near Chala along the shores of the Indian Ocean, highlighting their unwavering dedication to wildlife conservation.

The urgent call for assistance regarding the ensnared elephant came on the evening of April 4, 2018, prompting swift action from the DSWT Operation Room to aid the struggling animal.

The ambitious rescue mission involved mobilizing the DSWT SKYVET initiative’s aircraft from Kaluku to retrieve the Amboseli vet at the Amboseli National Park Headquarters on April 5, 2018.

Upon arrival at Narasaa Airstrip, the team joined forces with three additional groups, including two from KWS Mijira station and one from the Conservancy, embarking on a challenging three-kilometer trek on foot due to the impassable terrain for vehicles.

The lone elephant, suffering from severe lameness, faced difficulties keeping up with its herd, mainly due to a pus-covered wound on its front right limb caused by a winch wire snare knot.

After enduring the traumatic injury for over a month and a half, the urgency for intervention escalated, especially as the elephant attempted to navigate wet, silted grounds.

The veterinary team administered tranquilizers to the elephant, allowing them to treat the wound safely and safely.

They removed the embedded wire with precision and care and applied necessary medications and treatments to promote healing.

Following the comprehensive treatment regimen, including injections and wound care, the elephant was successfully revived from immobilization, marking a triumph for the collaborative efforts of the DSWT SKYVET initiative and other conservation teams.

This heroic rescue saved the elephant’s life and exemplified the relentless commitment of wildlife conservationists to safeguard and protect the well-being of animals in their natural habitats.


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