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Dramatic Video Captures Grizzly Bear Taking Down Rancher’s Cow in a Tense Roadside Encounter

If you’re a vegan, we have nothing but respect for you.  You’ve made a wise, eco-friendly choice.  A plant-based diet is good for the earth, and if we switched over, we’d probably be able to fit into our lucky jeans again before too long.  Vegans of the world, we salute you.

There’s the sound of a nice big hamburger sizzling and the smell.  Oh, carmelized onions?  Sure, that sounds good, yeah, we’ll have some.   A slice of cheese?  Yeah, why not throw one on too.  A second hamburger patty?  Why you devil, we’re going to have to watch ourselves around you, aren’t we?

Oh yes: don’t you think that’s how grizzly bears must see cows?  Though bison were once a staple of grizzly diet before industrialized society put a stop to that by nearly eliminating the bison.  But even then, now that bison populations are on the rise, there are a few rare occasions when a grizzly gets to have a bite of bison.

But what they never get, and what they must really want, are domesticated livestock.  A bunch of cows in a field must look to them like a bunch of twinkies standing on a plate.  And yet, most grizzlies are smart enough to stay out of human areas for the most part, especially if the humans are correspondingly smart enough to secure their food waste.

And yet, it does happen that a bear will pick off some livestock here and there — more likely a sheep or a chicken, but sometimes, a full cow.  While a black bear might dream of doing so, a grizzly is absolutely capable of doing so, if he has the opportunity.

And in this shocking video below, this big Wyoming bear’s got motive, opportunity, and appetite.  Check out the video, and in the meantime I’m going to tuck into this here burger.  Oh, do you have any ketchup?

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