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Dont Miss! Exploring the Extraordinary: Bizarre UFO Conspiracy Theories, from Alien Hauntings at Disaster Sites to Shape-Shifting Aircraft

FOR centuries, scientists and random spectators alike have sought to find answers related to unidentified objects that appear floating in the earth’s atmosphere.

The quest to understand UFOs has led to bizarre theories regarding their potential shapeshifting abilities and coincidental connection to natural disasters.

A 2018 news broadcast captured a mysterious flying object in the sky during a California wildfireCredit: History

Upon closer inspection of the footage, a cigar-shaped object was spotted behind the cloud of smokeCredit: History

However, after taking a closer look, most see that the UFO conspiracy theories are easily debunked, or at least there are some scientific explanations for their appearances.

For decades, California has been plagued by wildfires that have ripped through the state’s dry, desert-like terrain. Back in 2018, live news coverage of one fire captured something quite out of place.

A local news chopper had taken to the air to track the 2018 Woolsey, California Wildfire, when a mysterious flying object was identified in the background of the clip.

M.J Banias, a journalist who covers the “unexplained,” said that the shape of the object closely resembled a flat-saucer.

Science writer, Mick West, acknowledged that the object shared no resemblance with a plane.

“It had no visible wings and it seemed to be moving either too slow or to be too big to be a plane,” he observed.

However, after using satellite images to piece together the image, West found that what appeared to be the sky was actually the Pacific Ocean.

“What if it’s a boat that was actually out on the ocean?” he wondered.

After checking local shipping routes, West’s prediction was confirmed. There was a common shipping container path just 15 miles off the coast. West’s findings debunked the initial suppositions.

Other researchers have also investigated the deeper impact that natural disasters can have on the creation of peculiar images and the flexibility of the human mind.

Dr. Michael Persinger, an American-Canadian professor of psychology, discussed his theory regarding the relationship between earthquakes and UFO sightings.

“Every time the earth moves violently, which happens pretty often, there’s a strong possibility of you seeing a UFO,” he claimed.

Persinger said the reason for this has to do with the seismic effects that occur beneath the surface of the earth.

“They can produce a number of things like luminosities, electromagnetic disturbances which some people may interpret as unusual observations or sometimes even UFOs.”

The researcher added that high-voltage fields can also influence human behavior.

“You can get paralyses, feelings of foreboding, dream-like states, and a number of peripheral effects,” he added.

Mick West corrected initial observations of the image to show that the sky was actually the Pacific OceanCredit: History

The science writer confirmed that there was a common shipping container route just where the supposed UFO was spottedCredit: History

M.J Banias, a journalist who covers the ‘unexplained,’ said that UFO’s have been photographed and recorded through historyCredit: History

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