Discover strange sea creatures on the British coast

A strange creature that looks like “alien creatures” has just been found on the coast of England.

Lara Clarke-Wardle , a 30-year-old female photographer living in Torrington, Devon, found them on a beach near Hartland Monastery in North Devon while walking with her parents on the beach, SWNS reported.

Lara at first thought she was seeing the intestines of some creature killed on the beach, until she discovered there were many other such creatures nearby. They look like giant slugs, clinging to a rotten log on the beach.

“My mother and I saw these strange creatures and we wondered what it was? I had never seen it before, it looked like aliens and came from very deep places. under the sea,” Lara told SWNS. The female photographer immediately posted pictures of the strange creature on social networks and she immediately got the answer about the strange creature.

It is a species of gooseneck oyster . This type of oyster usually clings to hard surfaces such as rocks or wood. This species of oyster is rarely found on the British coast, they often live in remote seas. The stem of this oyster is considered an expensive delicacy in Spain and Portugal.

Some pictures of “alien creatures” that Lara took:

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