Desperate mother buffalo saves its calf from lions by throwing it into the air. - Media News 48

Desperate mother buffalo saves its calf from lions by throwing it into the air.

Lions chase after a buffalo herd; chaos erupts; a calf is caught, but the herd fights back and mistakenly flings the little calf in the air in an attempt to save it.

As a wildlife enthusiast, Matthew Durell had always dreamed of capturing the perfect lion sighting. Little did he know that he would capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Matthew shares his incredible lion and buffalo interaction with

The sighting occurred in the Greater Kruger National Park’s Singita Sabi Sand.”Two male lions were in hot pursuit of a large herd of buffalo, eventually catching up to the herd.” “In the middle of the herd was a very young calf.”

Lions attack buffalo calf

It’s not unusual to see lions pursuing large buffalo herds. Buffalo are a favorite target of lions, who are known to hunt in prides. The younger or older animals in the herd are frequently the targets of lions since they are weaker. Once the lions have identified their prey, they stalk it until it is close enough to launch a surprise attack.


“Chaos erupted as the lions charged at the herd. An eruption of dust caused by hundreds of hooves caused mayhem. The lions were able to single out a young calf. The lions only enjoyed a fleeting win since the entire herd rushed to its aid.”

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Buffalo herd dynamics are fascinating to watch. They work together to fend off predators, forming a tight circle around the weaker members of the herd. The buffalo closest to the predator will take turns charging at it, hoping to fend it off. This behavior is known as mobbing, and it is an effective way of protecting the herd.

“While trying to save the calf, one buffalo hooked the calf in its horns and flung it. Perhaps thinking it was attacking the lion. Luckily for the calf, this was a chance to escape. The calf stood up and joined the protection of the herd again.”


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