Cuteness overdose moment: Baby Talks To Her Husky Puppy While Feeding Him Treats

Do babies playing with puppies bring a smile to your face? If so, this sweet video won’t disappoint.

The adorable Daisy loves her puppy, Humphrey. So much so that she’s sharing yummy treats with the cute husky puppy. And Humphrey is more than happy to receive treat after treat from her tiny little hand.

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As Daisy sits on the floor in her pink animal print pajamas with the bag of yummy treats, Humphrey is right there to take them from her as fast as she can feed them. The puppy is super gentle with her as he takes the treats, too.

Humphrey is a beautiful puppy and such a good boy. He stays calm and gentle with the baby the entire time. It doesn’t even phase him when Daisy decides to see what the treats taste like for herself. But no worries, her dad stops her from eating one, just in time.

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Since Dad says no, she can’t eat the treats, she continues to talk to Humphrey and feed him treats and she looks so serious while she’s doing it. She’s a baby on a mission and chatting up the pup the entire time. She can say, paw, treats, and a lot of cute words we just can’t understand.

But one thing we can understand is that this baby is so very sweet. And, when she finds one more treat in the bag, instead of feeding it to Humphrey, decides it’s time to spread the snacks around.

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So, she picks up the little treat and takes it over to another husky named Millie, who is patiently waiting behind the baby gate. As Daisy hands the dog the treat through the bars, just like Humphrey, Millie takes the treat very gently from Daisy, much to her delight.

Daisy is simply adorable and such a lucky baby because she gets to grow up with some amazing huskies that are sure to be her best friends as she gets older. As she and Humphrey grow up, they’ll love playing together for hours on end.

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