Couple Saves Baby Sloth Who Was Found Stuck Between Rocks on Beach

A couple exploring Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula found themselves in just the right place, at just the right time.

The pair came across a little two-toed sloth who had managed to survive the high tide and was stuck on the beach, clinging to a rock and crying out in confusion. Fortunately, he was saved before anything could happen to him – and now, he is recovering and growing strong at a local rescue.

Dirk Morgan, who shared the rescue of the young sloth on his Facebook page, noticed that the animal was completely alone, with no adult in sight, and decided right away to step in.

It is a mystery how the baby found himself all alone on the rocky beach. Morgan and his partner Lori carefully picked the sloth up and washed the salt water off his face.

They placed him safely in a cardboard box to be transported to the animal rescue at Tranquility. “He seemed to be fine and happy to be dried off and safe,” Morgan wrote.

Once at the local rescue, the sloth was immediately taken in the staff’s care.

The baby will be released back into the wild when he is older, strong and healthy enough to start living on his own.

Thanks to the help of the kind-hearted couple, who run Morgan’s Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica, the baby sloth has made it safely to a place where he receives great care and has nothing to fear. Hopefully, he will eventually end up having a long and safe life in his natural habitat – high in the trees, where he belongs.Source



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