Cosmic Enigma: NASA’s Snapshot of Triangular UFO in Earth’s Orbit Stirs Boundless Curiosity, Spawning Infinite Theories on Its Extraterrestrial Origins - Media News 48

Cosmic Enigma: NASA’s Snapshot of Triangular UFO in Earth’s Orbit Stirs Boundless Curiosity, Spawning Infinite Theories on Its Extraterrestrial Origins

In 2013, Internet researchers accidentally discovered two images of an unidentified triangular object in Earth orbit on the official NASA photography website – Gateway to Astronaut Photography.

These two photographs were taken in 1986 from the space shuttle Columbia STS-61C and there is still no clear explanation of what it was. Some NASA experts only vaguely said that most likely it was space debris, and that’s all.

The size of the object is unknown, but it is unlikely to be tiny, otherwise it would not have been noticed at all from the shuttle. But the astronauts noticed him and managed to film him twice with a Hasselblade hand-held camera.

Some ufologists believed that this was the mother ship of aliens, from which they control the launch of their “UFOs,” but conspiracy theorists suggested that the astronauts could have accidentally noticed the legendary triangular military aircraft TR-3B, secretly being developed by the United States.

For example, a certain Edgar Fouche, a former Pentagon employee from the engineering department, is 100% sure that this is a TR-3B, and he even calculated its approximate size from a photo – about 182 meters in length, almost the size of an aircraft carrier.

Fouché also said that he believes the TR-3B operates on the Biefield-Brown effect, using large electrostatic charges to reduce its mass and achieve incredible speeds with its help.

But Clark McClelland, who worked as a NASA contractor and as a shuttle security system operator, believes that this could be an alien ship.

Moreover, back in 2008, McClelland claimed that while he was on duty at the Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s mission control center, on one of the security camera monitors located inside the shuttle, he personally saw a six-foot alien just standing and talking with two astronauts.

They were in the payload bay of the space shuttle and the two astronauts were sitting in their seats, strapped tightly to them, with the alien standing next to them. The conversation lasted just over a minute.

According to Internet ufologist Scott Waring, the mysterious triangular object was definitely flying towards the shuttle, and not away from it, since in the second photo, taken 17 seconds later than the first, it is much closer to the shuttle.

And, perhaps realizing this, the astronauts stopped filming and raised the alarm. But we can only assume this, since the circumstances are unknown to us. What is known is that at the time of filming the shuttle was over the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the western coast of Africa at an altitude of 324 km.


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