Close Encounters in Rural Wisconsin: Multiple Witnesses Capture Extraordinary UFOs with Strange Bright Lights Darting Across Night Skies - Media News 48

Close Encounters in Rural Wisconsin: Multiple Witnesses Capture Extraordinary UFOs with Strange Bright Lights Darting Across Night Skies

Mysterious darting lights in Wisconsin raise speculation of UFO sightings: report


Footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows a white glow travel quickly across the night sky over farmland near West Bend and Fredonia in the Badger State. Videos taken earlier this month captured the odd spectacle from different locations, the outlet reported, citing the video metadata.

Footage shows fast moving lights race across the Wisconsin sky.Hypocenter 101

The odd observations were reportedly seen in the sky from rural Wisconsin.Kimberly Ann

“We just couldn’t wrap our heads around what we were seeing.”

One video was shot from Michigan around the same time other footage was captured in Wisconsin.Kenna VanBrocklin

The next day Chris Nowak told the Daily Mail he and his family saw strange lights in the cloudy evening sky as they were driving and eventually started filming.

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