Capturing Tranquility: 20 Birth Photos Highlighting the Elegance of Umbilical Cords

The umbilical cord is something pregnant women carry around for months and never really get to know — after all, it’s cut and discarded shortly after a baby’s born.

The umbilical cord is the first tangible connection between a mother and baby. For nine long months, with the placenta it nourishes and supports the baby in the mother’s womb as it grows.

These photos taken by Denver Photographer Monet Nicole capture the beauty of the umbilical cord. Here are some of the most remarkable images of umbilical cords that birth photographers have captured; they will undoubtedly open everyone’s eyes to the wonder of these incredible, life-giving components.

The umbilical cord nurtured and kept your baby alive for 9 months and it is truly amazing, yet it is often not celebrated or photographed.

These images show all the exquisite details up close, including the unusual cord knots, unearthly colors, and spiritual rites that emphasize the bond between mother and child.

When mothers talk about feeling a special connection to their children, who can quantify what role this physical bond between mom and baby plays in the emotional one that forms?

The magic of a mom and baby still connected.

The cord and the placenta that kept baby alive.

As the cord begins to go limp, it loses the vibrant colors apparent when a baby is first born.

Slowly but surely, baby arrives, cord coming with the little one into the world.

A little one comes earth side through the water … cord attached!


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