Canadian Loggers Rescue Moose Pinned Under A Big Pile Of Logs

Moose log

That would be a big change up in the work day.

You never know what to expect when you work in the woods. Being a logger or any other outdoors professional usually leads to being in remote areas for long periods of time.

And that means the opportunity to see some amazing things in the wild.

It’s the reason many people go to work in the woods, so they can be in the outdoors all of the time and get the chance to be around wildlife.

Moose are the largest species of deer in the world with bulls reaching up to 6.5 feet at the shoulder and weighing over 1,000 pounds. Cows are smaller, usually standing at 5.5 feet tall and weighing around 600 pounds on average.

An animal as large as a moose requires a lot of food. During winter months moose browse on tree tips, and logging operations can create easy access to an abundance of food for these moose.

These loggers were out for a day of work in the woods when they noticed a cow moose stuck underneath some of their logs. They check it out and come up with a plan.

Using their logging gear, they grab a bunch of logs and pull them away from the moose. The animal gets up but can’t get up the hill so the loggers double back and use the machine to lift the moose up to flat ground where she happily runs away.

Just another day in the woods…




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