Bald Eagle Snatches Salmon Out Of The Water With Extreme Precision In Wild Slow-Motion Video

Bald Eagle

Wow, this is impressive.

The bald eagle is notorious for being one of the fiercest birds on the planet, and needless to say, their prey is truly no match for them.


I mean, they aren’t our America’s bird for nothing, right?

Adult bald eagles have a distinctive appearance with a white head and tail, dark brown body, and a wingspan that can reach up to 7 feet. They have a sharp, hooked beak and powerful talons adapted for catching and gripping prey.

Found primarily in North America, ranging from Alaska and Canada to the contiguous United States and northern Mexico. they are generally located in areas near large bodies of water, such as coastlines, rivers, lakes, and marshes, where they can find an abundant food supply… especially fish.

Opportunistic hunters, they mainly feed on fish, but they also eat other prey such as birds, mammals, and carrion. They are known for their impressive hunting skills, using their keen eyesight to spot prey from high in the sky and diving down at high speeds over 100mph to catch it.


It’s truly a sight to behold. Every time I see one of these bald eagle’s snatch a fish out of the water at high speeds I feel like I have to pick my jaw up from off the floor.

And here we are yet again.

In this video, you can see a bald eagle lurking on a tree, as it notices a salmon come to the surface of the water below it.

In a split second decision, the bald eagle decides to make its attack on the fish from the quite the distance, and swiftly flies over the water and snatches the salmon along with it.

Perhaps the wildest part of the video is just how smooth the eagle was while snatching the fish. If you watch closely, you can see that the eagle never takes its eyes off the fish. Like a wide receiver catching a football, you can see the eagle follow the fish all the way into its clutches, before lifting its head and taking off for dry land.

Seriously, the salmon had absolutely no time to react… one minute you’re swimming along and before it know it, you’re in the talons of a bald eagle, about to be turned into dinner.

Check it out:


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