At FEINDEF in Madrid, the amphibious combat vehicle (ACV) makes its world debut

BAE S?st?ms ?n? Iv?c? D???nc? V?hicl?s (IDV) c?l????t?? th? int??n?ti?n?l ????t ?? th? Am?hi?i??s C?m??t V?hicl? (ACV) ?t th? FEINDEF int??n?ti?n?l ????ns? ?n? s?c??it? ?x??siti?n. Th? ACV ??mil? ?? v?hicl?s, ??v?l???? ?n? ??liv???? ?? th? st??t??ic ???tn??shi? ??tw??n BAE S?st?ms ?n? IDV, s?????ts th? U.S. M??in? C???s (USMC) ?x???iti?n??? m??ilit? c????ilit? ?n? is th? ?nl? t??l? ?m?hi?i??s c?m??t v?hicl? in ??ll-??t? ?????cti?n t????. Th? v?hicl? ?n ?is?l?? ?t FEINDEF is th? ???s?nn?l v??i?nt (ACV-P), which is th? ??s? ?l?t???m ??? th? ??mil? ?? v?hicl?s. Th? ?m?hi?i??s ?l?t???m w?s ??si?n?? t? ???w ?n? ????t t? missi?n n???s, ?ll?win? s??c? ??? n?w c????iliti?s ?s t?chn?l??? ?v?lv?s s?ch ?s ??c?nn?iss?nc?, ?l?ct??nic w??????, ?nti-?i?, ?n? Unc??w?? Ai?c???t S?st?ms int????ti?n.



“J?intl? BAE S?st?ms ?n? IDV ??? ????? t? ???s?nt this c?itic?l n?xt-??n???ti?n ?m?hi?i??s c????ilit? th?t m??ts th? missi?n n???s ?n? ??????m ????i??m?nts ?? th? In??nt??í? ?? M??in? Es??ñ?l?. T???th??, w? ??? ????? t? ??s??n? t? ?n? int??n?ti?n?l c?st?miz?ti?n ?????st t? ?ns??? th? ??tim?l ???l??m?nt ?? th? ?m?hi?i??s v?hicl?s within th? S??nish ?n? E??????n ????ns? s?st?m,” s?i? N?z??i? Bi?nchini, h??? ?? s?l?s ?t IDV.



“This is th? ?i?st tim? th? Am?hi?i??s C?m??t V?hicl? h?s ???n sh?wn ??tsi?? th? Unit?? St?t?s, ?n? it is ? ??int ?? ??i?? th?t it is h??? in S??in, ?n im???t?nt, l?n?-t??m U.S. ?n? NATO ?ll?,” s?i? G????tt L?c?ill???, vic? ???si??nt ?? Am?hi?i??s ??????ms ?t BAE S?st?ms.


With its m???l?? ??si?n, th? Am?hi?i??s C?m??t V?hicl? is ????? t? ???vi?? M??in?s ????n? th? w??l? th? ?l?xi?ilit? t? ?????ss ???iti?n?l missi?n ??l?s ?n? int????t? ??t??? t?chn?l??i?s.Th? ACV-P is ??ll? ???n-?c??n c????l? ?n? c?n c???? 13 c?m??t-l????? M??in?s, ?l?n? with ? c??w ?? th???, ???m shi? t? ??j?ctiv? ?n? ??ck.



Th? ACV C?mm?n? ?n? C?nt??l v??i?nt ???vi??s m?lti?l? w??kst?ti?ns ??? M??in?s t? m?int?in ?n? m?n??? sit??ti?n?l ?w???n?ss in th? ??ttl?s??c?. Th? ACV ??c?v??? v??i?nt ???vi??s ?i??ct ?i?l? s?????t, m?int?n?nc?, ?n? ??c?v??? t? th? ACV ??mil? ?? v?hicl?s. Th? ACV-30 m??nts ? st??iliz??, m??i?m c?li??? R?m?t? T????t S?st?m m?n???ct???? ?? K?n?s???? th?t ???vi??s th? l?th?lit? ?n? ???t?cti?n M??in?s n??? whil? l??vin? ?m?l? ???m ??? t???? c???cit? ?n? ???l???.


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