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Anunnaki – The Extraterrestrial Visitors in Earth’s Ancient Past

Many people believe that aliens, including the Anunnaki race with modern technology superior to today’s humans, came to our planet thousands of years ago, before recorded history, to exploit gold mine for this purpose.


Aliens come to Earth to build pyramids and mine gold.

Many archaeologists around the world call today’s Iraq the “cradle of civilization”. Between 3500 and 1900 BC, the Tigris and Euphrates were prosperous lands for the Sumerians.

The story of the anunnaki predates the civilization of ancient Sumer. The Sumerians were the first to build real cities. They organized an urban grid system like we see in modern cities around the world today. They built a drainage network using cobblestones that are usually paved on the sidewalks of streets. They also knew about agriculture, but most importantly, they were the first civilization to invent a cuneiform writing system on fired clay tablets. This is also one of the most developed civilizations in ancient times. According to researchers of ancient aliens, it was the Anunnaki who passed this knowledge on to them.

History tells us many interesting things and stories about the Sumerians. However, many archaeologists and historians today have not yet completed a detailed overview of the peoples of the Tigris and Euphrates regions.

Sitchin theorizes that, in the past, aliens visited Earth because their planet needed gold to survive. They ran out of space-grade gold, so they went to Earth to find the material and bring it back to their planet to store, but why is gold so important?

On Earth, gold is an important resource that has many uses. In addition to its use in jewelry, gold is also used in most electronic devices because of its superior electrical conductivity, plus it is easy to laminate and spin. That’s why gold is used in nanotechnology to create cutting-edge technological devices for modern conveniences. Therefore, aliens who can travel through time and space need gold more than anything else.

Gold reflects infrared light that is invisible to the human eye, but it interacts with us in the form of heat. Infrared radiation interacts with molecules to make them move faster and make us feel hot, so gold is a good shield because of its malleability. With these wonderful properties, gold can easily become a thin but effective and extremely durable shield. Additionally, gold cannot be destroyed. Ancient civilizations used this material thousands of years ago. On their statues and buildings, everything is made of gold or plated with gold, and despite thousands of years of history, all these artifacts have survived to this day.

The Sumerians depicted the Anunnaki as sitting in a “tornado.” “Anunnaki” comes from and some information about human gene editing “Anunnaki” from another planet in the solar system has an elliptical orbit for 3,600 years, Sitchin said. In inscriptions and inscriptions, the Sumerians mention a planet called nibiru, which belongs to the solar system and is called Planet X by scientists. Wonder if this planet is the home of the Anunnaki ? Going back to the previous question, the planet has been depleted of minerals and resources, especially gold. So they came to Earth to find gold and bring it home.

According to the ancient alien theory, the anunnaki primitive people genetically modified themselves to create a powerful workforce that helped them find gold faster.

The Anunnaki created humans as their slaves. According to zecharia sitchin, “Adamites” were the first modern humans, created by the Anunnaki 450,000 years ago by combining their own DNA with prehistoric human genes to form a workforce. According to ancient alien theorists, this is “absolutely indisputable” and not a fabricated story.

If you read the Bible and ancient history carefully, you will ask whether Adam and Eve were the first “transformed people” created by the Anunnaki? Comparing the similarities between Jewish scripture and Sumerian records reveals not only similar stories but also similar languages. Could they come from the same source?

One thing we can know is that “Adam” means man in Hebrew. And “adamu” to the Sumerians meant “the first,” the slaves of the Anunnaki. Is there a connection here or is it just a historical coincidence?

Some African civilizations believe that aliens visited Earth 10,000 years ago. For example, Zulu legends tell of a time when “travelers from the stars” came to Earth to explore natural resources such as gold mines. A sum of money exploited by the slave power created by “The First”. In particular, one interesting thing we can see is that mines in southern Africa have been exploited for hundreds of thousands of years or more. So who exploited them, the primitive people? It’s hard to explain. Is that proof of the existence of anunnaki? Prove the theory of zecharia sitchin is correct?

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