Ancient Giant Skeletons Of A Human And A Snake Discovered In A Cave In Thailand

While excavating Thailand’s local Khao Khanap Nam cave, a group of experts found a rather strange discovery, to say the least. As you can see from the photos attached here, the skeleton of what appears to be a 6-meter-tall giant man was discovered here alongside the remains of what appears to be a giant snake.

News channel KBTV reported this when the discovery was made, also mentioning how the Krabi region where the remains were discovered was also home to some other incredible archaeological finds, such as the world’s first primate that was discovered not too long ago.



Known as Simaopithecus Eocaeunus, this rather strange specimen, while not directly related to us, is still a 35-million-year-old fossil that helps us understand the different branches of evolution that led to evolution beyond this primate concept.

But anyway, going back to the giant and serpent that were discovered here, we can clearly say that this corresponds to the story of the Nagas to the end.



This is the ancient story of the rivalry between two men who wanted to marry the same princess. They came to the Nagas for help, who were known as the magical serpent people according to ancient Hindu texts.

These Nagas transformed them into their strongest forms, turning one of them into a giant and the other into a giant snake. The fight between the two was absolutely legendary, but they quickly ᛕᎥᒪᒪed each other before anyone could get back to the princess.

Many, however, believe that these fossils are fake, as they are too clean to be as old as they should be, which we believe to be the real case as well.



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