Amazing Rescue: Man Risks Life to Save Leopard Trapped in Deep Well, Facing Perilous Encounter with the Wild - Media News 48

Amazing Rescue: Man Risks Life to Save Leopard Trapped in Deep Well, Facing Perilous Encounter with the Wild

She may be an intimidating predator in her natural environment but this leopard looked more like a lost kitten after falling into an open well – prompting a rescue operation with a difference.

The fully grown female big cat was prowling for food near the Sonaigali village in Guwahati city, northeast India, when she tumbled into the well.

All’s well: The tranquilized leopard is taken from the well

Rescue mission: Veterinarian Bijoy Gogoi who takes the leopard from the well

Residents of the village were shocked to find the trapped animal when they made their morning trek to draw water from the well.

Leopard rescued from open well in Junnar - Hindustan Times

They notified the local police, who summoned forest rangers to tackle the angry cat.

The rangers tranquilized the leopard before veterinarian Bijoy Gogoi gently carried the creature out of the well. The leopard was taken to the local zoo.

It is the second time a leopard has had to be rescued from the populated area within the past month.

Trapped: The leopard growls after it falling into a well

A spot of bother: The leopard becomes increasingly angry after getting stuck in a well

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