Alaskan Muskox Go Head-To-Head In A Violent Clash


Ouch… that had to hurt.

An animal like that butting heads has to feel it. These things are massive.


Alaskan muskox are large creatures with a bulky and powerful build that is needed for life in the Arctic. Males are larger than females, with an average weight of up to 800 pounds.

Muskox are well-adapted to the harsh and unforgiving northern environment. These massive animals are covered in a shaggy coat of fur that protects them from the cold, and their broad, sturdy bodies are equipped to handle the snow and ice that they constantly deal with.

During breeding season, male muskoxen will engage in head-butting contests to establish dominance and win the attention of potential mates. These head-butting battles can be quite intense as the muskoxen ram their heads into each other at full force.


Muskox are built to withstand the impacts of head-butting and their anatomy is well-adapted to this behavior. Their thick skulls and sturdy necks help to absorb the shock of head-butting, while their broad, muscular bodies help to protect them from injury.

These two Alaskan muskoxen are seen starting to square up. From a distance they each take off running towards each other.

All at once, they clash and literally go head-to-head so hard that you can hear the impact.

Once, isn’t enough. They each back up straight and take off in a tar again at full speed, again ramming heads as you can hear their skulls meeting. Then they play it back and do it again.

That is one hard impact. These things take off full speed and bang their foreheads together.

The wild is a crazy place.




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