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Airshow Spectators Left in Awe as ‘1,000mph’ UFO Blazes Past Red Arrows in Breathtaking Formation Display

A UFO dubbed by some spectators as an ‘alien craft’ has been snapped photobombing a Red Arrow display in jaw-dropping new photos.

Torbay airshow audience shocked to spot '1,000mph' UFO in middle of Red Arrows flying formation | Daily Mail Online

John Mooner, a UFO investigator, who took the pictures at the Torbay Airshow in Paignton last weekend, claimed that a black object flying at ‘1,000mph’ through the pilots’ formation was the work of ‘non-human intelligence’.

Mr Mooner, from Newton Abbott, said he went to the airshow was to see if he could capture any ‘anomalous objects’ near the aircraft.

Photographer captures 'UFO' at King Charles coronation

He said: ‘I had been capturing them all week near several aircraft above my hometown.

‘I was extremely happy to be at the airshow and see all the aircraft.

‘Then I saw them with my own eyes as they made several passes by the Red Arrows.

‘Because they made several passes, each time I was able to capture them in several photographs.’

John Mooner captured a UFO among the Red Arrows formation at the Torbay Airshow

The UFO was estimated by spectators to be flying as fast as 1000mph

Another spectator, Emma Smith, said that she spotted the UFO on her photos taken near Paignton Pier

In John’s photos, the famous Red Arrows are seen flying in formation – but there’s something else among them: a small black object.

At one point, Mr Mooner had his camera set to burst, revealing the movement of the object over four consecutive photos.

The UFO believer estimates that the object was moving at more than 1,000mph.

He was in no doubt about the nature of what he saw.

Photographer captures 'UFO' at King Charles coronation

‘It’s a non-human-controlled probe,’ he said.

‘UFO sightings are caused by a non-human intelligence, not from this Earth.’

And John wasn’t the only one who spotted the unidentified presence in the skies.

Another spectator, Emma Smith, told her local paper that she spotted it in her photos.

She said: ‘I was going back through my Red Arrows photographs that I took near Paignton Pier at around 5.45pm on Saturday and I noticed a black speck fairly close to the aircraft.

‘I zoomed in and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing.

‘It was the shape of a spinning top and definitely was not a spec on my lens. I only have an iPhone but the zoom capacity is fairly decent.

‘I’m just gutted that my ‘live’ photos were turned off so I can’t see any movement of the object. I took a number of pictures in a burst but the object only appeared in one.

‘I honestly don’t believe in all this UFO stuff but this is hard to explain.’

The RAF has been contacted for comment.

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