Adorable moment three puppies are re-united with their mother after being rescued from a drain by their owner

This is the adorable moment three puppies are re-united with their mother after being rescued from a drain.

Dog owner Saurav Bor Kataki was in his house when his dog, a mother to three young pups, came to him in a desperate state and led him to where the puppies had gotten stuck while seeking shelter.

Kataki quickly devised a plan which took over an hour and many locals, of the Tezpur district of Assam in north-east India, came to help out.

The video shows the men, watched by the puppies’ mother, digging the drain with the help of a hand operated earth excavator and wooden logs. The men kept digging until the cover broke enough for a small hole formed to allow them out.

The relieved pups then come out one by one, rushing to their mother as soon as they were able to get out.

It took over an hour and at least a dozen men to break the drain cover using an earth excavator that Kataki had in his house

The mother of the puppies can be seen peering into the hole to convince them to come out

Kataki said: ‘I came home from work and was about to go inside when the dog came to me looking desperate, it then ran towards the drain pointing to her stuck babies.

‘I immediately went inside and brought the excavator to dig out the drain covers as the puppies had gone far inside the drain and were unable to come out on their own.’

They came out one by one and immediately rushed over to their mother, who alerted her owner that the puppies got stuck after seeking shelter in a drain

The three puppies are now safe and sound and with their mother. Owner  Saurav Bor Kataki said the scene was ‘very moving’

‘Soon many people joined in to help me rescue the puppies, I have been a wildlife activist for the past fifteen years and have been working towards rescuing animals.’

‘The babies were hungry, soon they got out of the drain they ran towards their mother and started drinking milk, they seemed very hungry, it was quite a moving scene.’


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