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Acts of Courage: Man Plunges into Freezing Water to Rescue Deer with Bucket Stuck on Its Head

A helpless deer who found himself in the most difficult situation got a second chance, thanks to a brave man who entered the cold waters to save its life.

The animal was spotted swimming in Long Island Sound, Long Island, NY with a can of paint on its head and its chances of making it ashore were almost equal to zero, but a hero showed up and saved the day.

The epic rescue was captured on film and the quick-witted man is now a hero on the internet!
After the concerned citizen called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League – an animal shelter on Long Island – to report the hopeless deer, Frankie Floridia, president of the center, quickly arrived on the scene.

When the man saw the deer in the water, he immediately realized that this was a very difficult situation, so he knew he had to act quickly if he wanted to save the deer.

The animal had difficulty swimming, because it couldn’t see anything because of the bucket stuck on its head. So Frankie knew he only had two options. Either he frees the deer by removing the bucket, or he takes the deer to shore.

Either way, the rescue was far from easy.

“I saw it [the deer] swimming in circles. I took off my boots and went into the water. It was freezing cold, but I knew the situation was very tricky, so I had to act fast,” said Frankie.

If the bucket had filled with water, it would have held its head down and the deer would have drowned. »
As soon as Frankie entered the water, the frightened deer swam away from him, so his chances of catching it and taking it to shore were nearly impossible.

But luckily a Good Samaritan with a boat spotted it and rushed to help him.

Together they approached the confused animal, then barely tried to remove the box. After a few attempts, Frankie managed to free the animal, but things didn’t go any better, as even though it was able to see, the confused deer was still swimming in circles.

So Frankie had another idea! He pulled it out of water on his own, saving its life.

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