A fish with a strange human-like face was caught in Thailand, causing fishermen to scream: ‘It’s looking at me’

A fisherman in Thailand was aghast when he reeled in a catch that sported an eerie human-like face that appeared to be sad about its fate.

The weird denizen of the deep was reportedly caught by Prasert Shookul earlier this week as he was trying to snag some blue crabs from the Andaмคห Sea. Upon pulling in his net to see how he fared, the fishermen was stunned to a fish with “a face like an ugly, frowning human” staring back at him.

The sight was so unsettling that Shookul actually considered tossing both the fish and the net that delivered it back into the water. Instead, however, he opted to bring the creature back to his village in the hopes that someone could identify it, but not even the community elders had ever seen such a thing. Although the fish perished by the т¡мe he reached his residence, Shookul was still uneasy about the creature, explaining that “I did not dare to cook it for myself or anybody else. It was so weird.”

The human-faced fish apparently caused such a stir in Shookul’s village that word of the weird creature мคหaged to find its way to a local marine center which dispatched a team to his home to investigate the matter. According to the wildlife experts who examined the animal, it was likely a Pollicaris fish. While they seemingly squashed any concern that Shookul’s catch was some kind of mer-creature, the мคห wanted nothing further to do with it and promptly handed it over to the center citing a fear of bad luck.

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